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  • Sick of bad quality traffic that doesn't buy from your website?
  • Sick of traffic gimmicks that don't work - like annoying PPV ads, expensive Adwords ads and social media fads?
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income proof


"#1 Secret Website Marketing Strategy That Generated 1,920,813 Laser Targeted Traffic To My Tiny Websites & Pumped Over $39,400.00 Cash Profit Into My Account In Just 41 Days Flat - And YOU CAN TOO!


Are you interested? I thought so...


Hello Friend,


My name is Suzi Phillips. I am not a big name guru and I don't have some secret magic formula where you just push a button and 'POOF' you've got cash! I don't believe in such things because obviously that's a bunch of bologna (even though it would be really cool if such a thing really did exist).


I'm just a dedicated “down to earth logical thinking fun lovin' gal” who finally started to make enough money with my internet marketing business in the middle of 1999 so that I could quit my day job.


You see, my story is the exact opposite of most people who work online. Most people I talk to, tell me it took them months... even years of trial and error before they finally 'figured' out the secret combination and became successful. For me, I actually got lucky when I started out and had fantastic success online which continued for several years without interruption. But before you think I'm some sort of mutant in the marketing world, let me assure you that everyone faces roadblocks and hurdles in their path. And mine just happened to present themselves later than sooner. So for a couple of years, I became distracted and thrown off the path about the same time that all the social media and web 2.0 stuff grew into all the rage.
So during the time I was distracted and frustrated that I had run into my own set of roadbocks, I had plenty of time to think and try new things.


That's when the thought struck me that my distraction was the entire problem. They were forcing me to work harder and longer. I was working like 10 or more hours per day doing all kinds of SEO work, engaging in tons of social media, and knocking myself out on Web 2.0 drudgery that I didn't hardly have time to see what the weather was like outside. All of that work was sucking the life out of me because none of it could be automated.


Then it hit me out of nowhere!

The solution was automation!

The answer was so obvious I just about fell over it. The solution was not to work harder, but to work less by using an Automated Rapid Exposure system.


What struck me most was that even though the internet seemed to be changing and moving toward social media (which I love ... by the way), I noticed that one of the biggest traffic sources remained the same. In fact, it remained the same probably as long as the internet existed. And this monsterly huge traffic source was what some of the worlds biggest companies stuck with for much of their own traffic. So it only made sense that if those companies were sticking with that traffic source, then it must be a pretty darn good source for traffic. And what's good enough for them... is good enough for me!


So I went to work and started to plan my attack.


I studied and tested techniques of other successful businesses who were quietly using this traffic source and I did a TON of research. And while working my way through this process I quickly found myself creating 4 and 5 figure income streams from each of my websites and it was all automatic!


I was so excited because I was finally getting my life back. I could finally breathe and get off my chair and enjoy the world outside and away from my computer!


I continued to let this system run on my websites and it paid off BIG. Profits continued to pour in and I was able to rake in a total of $39,400 profits within the next 41 days! Not to mention my email list was growing by the thousands every week!


I, starting from scratch with a new system I stumbled upon had pulled in


$39,400 in profits in just 41 days!


I had no trouble at getting used to this. And I went on to set up a few more websites under this automated rapid exposure system.



Suzi Phillips's

"Automated Rapid Exposure" system



Here's What Others Are Saying...

I purchased this and let me say that I'm impressed with the quality of Suzi's teaching. Firstly she has great presentation skills as evident by watching her videos. She has a great voice for it and presents the teaching in a way that anyone can follow it.

The course is well laid out step by step. She provides plenty of quality resources to help you succeed in internet marketing. I truly wish I had this course when I first started out. I would have avoided the misinformation and confusion you get from other so called courses.

Suzi shows you how to build a real solid online business. If you follow it and take action, I can't see how you can fail. If you want a magical push button business where you do very little or no work and expect to make thousands of dollars, then go to fairy land.


Best Regards


I purchased looking at the training area:
watching some parts of some of the videos (4 of 7 videos)
there are tutorials,  bounses, squeeze page templates
lots of practical resources --- plus a couple of bounses ---all on one page ---

Even after my quick test drive of this course -- it is most certainly, with a prudent approach, could be built up. That is what is so great about this course. I can see how this allows someone to actually start at a lower level, learn the 'ropes' and then add to the effort.

For me, this course has real value is a 'home run'...thank you Suzi.

N.M. E.

I'm stunned Suzi- this is mind-blowing;  I just checked out the method and the bonus movie theater method, and absolutely love them!

I couldn't be more thrilled to be embarking on this wild ride you gave us the keys to. If I do half as well as you did, I will be blown away, and I'm already a huge fan, both of your teaching style, and your kindness and concern for your students (myself in particular). You seem like such a sincere and decent person, and I'm honored to have met you. With results like you've produced the course money is chump change by comparison, so I believe your primary motivation is to help your fellow marketers-Kudos.

For those on the fence-if there is even a 25% chance in your minds that this is for real- the worst that will happen is you'll learn a thing or two, and get your money back with Suzi's generous 56 day return policy. With the chance of totally transforming your financial future, those odds seem pretty good to me!

Cheers, and as Suzi is fond of saying: have a beautiful day!



Hello Suzi :

Fantastic videos.

I do have one major compliant - why did you delay releasing your course to the general public for so long and let us all be duped by all the so called guru's and scam artists out there?

Anyways, thanks for releasing this product and helping us all.

Kingofcash - (forum id)

Hi Suzi,

I really like your videos.

You have a really chilled out style of teaching. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

All the best,

Adam G.
Hi Suzi,

I am on day 3 and real excited. Everything is so clear and easy to follow. I have read many of your other posts from those who also are interested in this. Ditto to all of their exciting posts.

I have to admit Suzi, I have not been working on a shoestring budget, it has up to now been a "thread"... ...I can see where implementing your successful steps will change all that. Thank you.

I like the videos, and was wondering if there was a way to view them from the whole screen. Maybe I missed that.

I have been soaking up 'like a sponge', your info, it is a good thing my husband has been busy with work and other things... I have spent every spare minute I have reading, listening and gobbling up your information you've made available.

I SOOO intend to make this work In fact, as far as I am concerned, it is already happening this week.

I like this because you are creating many duplicate Suzi's and everyone seems to win. I like it when everyone wins.

All the best,

Kimistry - (forum id)

Hi Suzi,

I loved the enthusiasm and high quality of your videos. The keyword here is AUTOMATION and I am looking forward to see how you put the whole system together. Hope the server can handle all your traffic...!

Shoot for the Moon - ZEN



thank you so much!
very good course, i want to start right away..


nicely done presentation Suzzy,,can't wait for the bonus video



Hi Suzi,

Thanks for  this valuable information. I have been struggling the last couple of years trying to get back on the financial track and you make it so easy to sit back and learn in a simplified, yet very informative method.

I am extremely hopeful your information will help me return to a more consistent financial tract and return to a better way of life and relief from the stress of wondering where our next dollar will be coming from.

~"proserve" (forum id)

Hi Suzy,

I just 2 of your opening videos and... you are brilliant! I have been struggling in internet marketing. I have sold Ebay and Amazon products but earned only peanuts. I'm really looking forward to learning and earning at the same time.

~"computerfanguy" (forum id)


Hi Suzi:

I watched your two videos and this is something that has always been on my back burner.

Thank you.

Tusty - (forum id)

Thank you. I am new at all of this have not been able to make any money yet. I have bought several things that just dont work. your information is very well organized I don't feel like I am going in circles.  You have a very trusting voice and personallaty I believe, what you say is honest, and not a lot of hype. its kind of refreshing.


"elitefaith" - (forum id)



hi suzi:

i have signed on for some of your programs and found them to be easy enough for a 70 year old newbie to grasp.

Bob S.

Hi Suzi

I love your style of teaching.

The first video is excellent for the newbie who wants to get a full grasp of what is involved in list building which is where everyone needs to start in order to earn money online.

You cover what is involved in setting up the squeeze page and what will increase optins. They will learn many ways to drive traffic to the squeeze page.

Split testing to find out what produces the maximum conversions is of course very important and that is covered here as well.

You definitely cover very well what they need to do to get properly set up and you give some great resources to minimize the time as well as the money invested to get started.

I really like the videos for several reasons. One is that a person is able to not only see and hear exactly what it is you are explaining to them in detail ... they are also able to pause the video while they take note of some of the resources and examples given.

You have a very nice teaching format with everything delivered step-by-step. They start at point A and move forward at their own pace until they are up and running in short order.

Also you have brought up some very good points in the video. I have certainly been captured in your "spiderweb".

After reviewing this I say that it is one of the best I have seen for the person just getting started as well as those looking to simplify their marketing efforts while increasing their profits.

The amazing part is that I have only seen just a tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

Congratulations Suzi very well implemented!





So, what is this automated rapid exposure system you ask?


This course is a combination of 6 step by step videos guides totaling 1 hour and 15 minutes plus my tools, templates, resources and bonuses.
It is broken up into 2 main parts:


Part 1: Step by Step Video Tutorial Guide running time = 2 hours and 45 minutes (14 videos)


Part 2: Resources, Templates, Tools and Bonuses


The video Guides Cover everything to set up your own automated rapid exposure system. There are multiple videos in this section that are very detailed.


Would you like to discover...

  • How I was able to generate $39,400 with just one website in only 41 days?
  • My exact steps and techniques that you can replicate, even if you're a total newbie?
  • How to SUPERCHARGE your online business?
  • How to create super internet business that bring in thousands of new subscribers to your email list weekly starting from scratch?
  • How to flood your paypal, clickbank or whatever account with cash almost instantly, even if you've got NO CREDIBILITY?
  • How to create killer websites, optin pages and graphics that generate income like hot cakes, even if you think you can't?
  • How to increase website exposure on autopilot, even bring in 300 - 30,000 wallet waving buyers per day?
  • How to do this all the right way, and do it within the next 30 days or less?


  • This is a Step By Step Detailed video course! That will walk you through the little know methods for tapping into some of the biggest traffic sources known to mankind.

  • And you won’t be writing articles, or doing complicated seo work or setting up blogs, or using facebook or youtube or any of that!
  • This is so drop dead simple that even a newbies can make $380 every day…. Simply by implementing this method to tap into this masterly huge traffic source.
And what’s really cool is, this traffic comes directly to your website all…. fully automated

It builds backlinks for you automatically…. Without any seo work whatsoever… it builds your email list automatically… In fact, I’ll even show you my little secret that you can use to add 10,000 new subscribers to your list ever single week all on autopilot.

Now… I know you’ve seen this strategy in action… it’s all over the place… but when it comes to the regular intern marketer trying to promote a website or some kind of offer…. They just haven’t been given the keys to this golden goose. Nobody has shown them how to drive the powerful traffic vehicle.

Here’s the thing…. Everybody is out there all distracted by Web 2.0, adwords, and pay per view traffic. But what’s really funny about that is… nobody talks about the dreadful fact non of that traffic can be automated.

Would you like a “back stage pass” into my world as I take you through EXACTLY what I did to generate this kind of cashflow?

Well, here's your chance...


Listen, I don't claim to know everything or be the best in the world at creating super successful profit pulling websites. The truth is, there are others who have made 100 times more than me, and have gone on to make MILLIONS. why is Automated Rapid Exposure system so different and why should you invest in it RIGHT NOW?
While making thousands of dollars online is easy when done right, the sad truth is that some people totally FLOP when they try to do it and they hardly make any profits...if any. One small mistake can have you running away and giving up all together
And I don't want you to flop!


I know what it takes to be successful online and I'm going to show you MY WAY, which is most likely different then most others. I've actually done this and have the proof right here on this page that MY WAY works.
While I can't promise you'll make millions, I can promise to show you exactly how I'm doing it so that you can follow my lead on your own path to success if you apply it.
Let me give you THE BEST reason why you should invest , RIGHT NOW...


or if you aren't interested in seeing how to get top 5 ranking on Google, just Access The Automated Rapid Exposure Video Course  now for $47





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